Wednesdays from 6:30-7:50 p.m.

Your middle school student (grades 6-8) won’t want to be anywhere else than MSM Ignite for an action-packed, interactive experience. MSM Ignite is a safe place, where any middle school student can discover who they are and find others who care about them! Our MSM experiences are fast-paced, high-energy and applicable to the everyday middle school student. Because middle school students love having fun, we do that through interactive, positive (and sometimes a little gross!) activities. We encourage the students to own this experience by discovering and using their gifts and talents (i.e. participating in Worship team, running the tech booth, serving concessions, etc.). Our teaching times are focused on helping middle school students see that the Bible is relevant to their circumstances. Finally, we break up into consistent, gender-specific small groups to grapple with the topic of the night. We hope to meet you at our next gathering!

Small groups are the heart of what we do in Ignite!

Because we want every student to feel known, belong somewhere, and develop an authentic BIG faith, we have chosen to lead small. Every MSM Ignite, we break up into small groups, led by a consistent, passionate small group leader– serving as “another voice” in the lives of students; voices of love, encouragement, wisdom, and support for students. They’re voices who are committed to doing whatever they can to help students engage in a vibrant relationship with God and in the story He wants to tell through their lives. Our small group leaders are the most powerful tool in our attempt to partner with parents. To find out more about our small group leaders, check out the volunteer page.
If you’ve never been. Don’t worry. Here are two ways to join an MSM Small Group:
  • JUST SHOW UP: Come to MSM on Wednesday Night at 6:30 in the Garage and we will get you connected.
  • GIVE US A HEADS UP: Email Youth Ministry Admin, Valerie Zielinski at

Events and Trips are environments which help students Find, Experience and Share Hope.

Our Ignite structure is designed in a way for us to live out that vision. Outside our weekly program, MSM Ignite has other events and trips involving outreach, service projects, parties, retreats, camps, and more. All of our MSM Ignite events are open to any student in grades 6-8. These are great opportunities to get plugged into our ministry. Stay connected via email, social media, or text updates (found below) or check out our Ignite events page to see what’s coming up.

“Never do for a young person what a young person can learn to do for themselves.”

Because middle school students are discovering who they are and what they like, we want to empower them to begin using and developing gifts. At MSM Ignite, we provide many opportunities for students to serve involving welcome team, tech team, worship team, concession team, decor team, and more. We want our students to be involved, develop their gifts, and multiply themselves by developing one another. We want to celebrate and mobilize our middle school students to use their God-given gifts.  
Because things are constantly moving and progressing in Ignite we try to continuously keep parents and students informed.  We communicate in the following ways:
  • Email Updates: This is our main avenue of communication. We send out Ignite updates informing you of our upcoming topics and Ignite-related opportunities.  Subscribe by clicking HERE!
  • Text Alerts: Sign up for text reminders by sending the following text message “@msignite” to 81010.
  • Let us know your coming! Email Pastor Dan Kenyon at
  • Follow us on Social Media.
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