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“Parents are the greatest influence in a child’s life in every way– including their faith.”

God designed the family.  We believe that parents are the greatest influence in a child’s life in every way– including their faith.  If Ignite is going to impact students, we want to join hands with the most powerful, influential people!  Wouldn’t that make sense?
We use the word PARTNER, because we believe parents and the church need each other.  The church needs parents to be actively engaged with their kids’ spiritual growth, because they’re ultimately the biggest influencers of their own children.  The parents need the local church because their kids need to learn about and experience God from a whole community of believers!  At Ignite, we strategically develop ways to engage and partner with parents and families.

We believe by getting to know you better, we will know your children a little better.

We, Ignite have various opportunities in a school year to help us get connected.  Throughout the year, we offer various breakfasts, seminars, get-togethers, and family opportunities. Here are a few things we have done in the past: Parent-Leader Breakfasts, Father-Daughter Date Night; Helping Hurting Teens Seminar, Just a Phase Event, Parent-Leader Dip-Off (bring your own appetizer dip), etc. These events gives you the ample opportunity to get to know the leaders within Ignite- those who are interacting with your children regularly. We also regularly cue our parents to continue spiritual conversations around the topics we are discussing through weekly emails and our Parent-Leader Facebook group.

We can’t do student ministry without you. We provide regular opportunities for you to say yes to helping us.

A few ways you can help the ministry is by:

  • opening your home to host students
  • being willing to help in transportation for events
  • providing childcare for our HSM Volunteer Leaders
  • connecting with and encouraging other parents
  • helping to provide food for special events

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