Adult Ministries At Hope

Adult Discipleship at Hope Church is about learning to follow a person, Jesus.  When Jesus called His first disciples, He used three simple words, “Come follow me.”  He didn’t invite them to merely join an organization or signup for a class.  He invited them to be with Him.  As they walked through life, Jesus taught them who He was, what He came to do, and how they could be part of it.  When Jesus departed this earth, He left His Spirit to take His place so they wouldn’t be left without an ongoing teacher to walk with them every moment.

Our desire is to create a variety of environments where those who want to follow Jesus and learn the same things He taught his first disciples can do so.  Sometimes Jesus taught a whole crowd like a class, other times He pulled a small group together to discuss a matter, and still other times He pulled one person aside.  All these environments are available at Hope Church, so consider which environment is your next step of walking with Jesus.

The ladies of Hope ministry exists to encourage and enable women to grow in their relationship with God.  This takes place as women connect with others through regular Bible studies and discipleship groups, as well as special social events that reach out to other ladies who may not be part of Hope Church.  Ladies retreats have also been planned to allow women to get away together and experience more intimate settings of fellowship and spiritual growth.

For more information contact our church office.

Men of Hope desires to intentionally assist men to find Christ, grow in Christ, and go deeper in their spiritual walks with God. This occurs through regularly-offered men’s Bible studies, which are geared toward discipleship and one-on-one mentoring.

Believing that it is important for men to form bonds of friendship, a number of fellowship opportunities are provided such as men’s breakfasts, attending Cleveland ball games, and Run for God.

Men of Hope also encourages men to find a place of service within the body and in the community through helping others in need.

For more information contact our church office.

Ray of Hope is a ministry designed to support, encourage, and provide fellowship for those 60 and older, as well as retirees of all ages. Ray of Hope provides an annual calendar with scheduled events. They typically meet once a month, usually around noon, from April through October. Meetings are usually held at Hope Church; however, other venues are used when it involves an outing, such as a picnic in the summer and a Christmas luncheon in December. The meetings often have guest speakers or other planned activities.

For more information contact our church office.

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