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Hope Church’s story is an unlikely one of quick growth, answered miracles, and numerous changed lives.

One thing has been a common thread throughout the entire story of Hope – prayer. While nearly every church would say that prayer is important, prayer has been our lifeline, our foundation, and truly the centerpiece of our ministry.

In 2009, prayer meetings were started, weekly classes were held, and a group of approximately 120 people formed the launch team. In the prayer meetings, the Holy Spirit touched the hearts of so many as they were humbled in His presence, through believing prayer. Hope Church officially started on September 20, 2009. Services were held for the first six months at Brunswick High School. Even without a place to call home, the group of people who gathered felt like family, and many people in Brunswick were drawn to the community at Hope. The Spirit of God moved in that place and many people came to faith in Jesus Christ.

By God’s grace, Hope Church purchased its current building in 2010. As we saw the Lord provide a place of worship so quickly, everyone’s faith was strengthened as the next hurdle or challenges came. We were convinced that God would answer. At the end of three and a half years of ministry, Hope Church had 1,000 inclusive members and reported 210 conversions and 130 baptisms. A couple of years later, we purchased two adjacent properties. One serves as our church office, and the other is attached to the original building, serving as our café, children’s, and youth ministry center.

Our church is currently led by Interim Senior Pastor Jim Garber. Today, the church has growing ministries for children, youth, men, women, and senior adults.  There are also many outreach ministries such as Kid’s Hope (mentoring program for at-risk children in the local elementary school), Vets of Hope (outreach to veterans) and Hope Overflowing (worship opportunity for families of special needs children).

Our story is unique, and we are constantly reminded of God’s blessing and provision for us over the years. We rejoice with so many people who have found true hope in their lives for the very first time. Hope Church is committed to joining God on His mission and bringing glory to Him!

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