Ignite Student Ministry

We are called to develop students that want to Love God, Love Others, and Reach the World. We do this by investing in the lives of teens and their families to help them become life long devoted followers of Christ. We partner with their parents to help provide the best opportunities for students to thrive and become the people that God has intended them to be.

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Middle School Ministry

Wednesdays 7-8:10 PM
The Garage

Ignite Core Values

How we believe God would want us to accomplish our mission:


Know God Intimately

We provide opportunities for our students to grow deeper in their walk with God. We do this by encouraging students to take continued steps of faith through accountability, worship, and teaching—inviting the Holy Spirit to continue His transforming work in their lives.


Connecting with Others

The Christian life is to be lived out together. We want our students to join hands by engaging in loving relationships, growing together, encouraging one another, and with unity, running the race with our eyes on Jesus. We provide small groups, Bible studies, serving teams and other activities that promote healthy relationships with the students, parents and fellow Hope Church family members.


Serving the Body

We want the students of Ignite to take ownership of the group. We want to provide service opportunities both inside and outside the ministry. We long to see our students serving one another with their God-given talents and abilities. We want to see them develop and use their God-given gifts. We will provide opportunities not only within Ignite but in our community and on the missions field. We want to develop students that put others’ needs in front of their own.


Changing the World

We long for our students to be actively involved in the community in which God has placed them. We want to see our students involved in serving, making connections with peers, and leading others to Jesus.