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New York City

July 11-18

High School Missions Trip


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Short Term Missions Trip Application 

Print off application, student fills it out and turns it into the Dropbox


Who: Completed 8-12 Grades in Summer 2020

What: Students can expect to get to have a life changing week as they serve, learn, and grow together in the setting of New York City and Union City, New Jersey. We will be running a Day Camp, a community outreach, feeding the homeless, helping teach ESL, and learning about missions/church Planting. They will also be able to take in some of the sights of New York City including the grounds of 9/11, Central Park, and Time Square.

Where: Union City, New Jersey and New York City. 

When: July 11-18

Why: God cares for the people we will be serving, many who have never heard the Gospel, our prayer and desire is for our students to feel and understand God’s call on their lives. 

Cost: Approximate $630- $730 depending on the number of students and leaders that attend. 

Requirements for Students:  $100 deposit due at sign up, turn in Short Term Missions Trip Application, scripture memorization with the group, pass test of memorized scripture, Mission Trip meetings and training meetings.

Group Size Limit: 15 Students 5 Leaders

Requirements for Parents: Attend Parent Meetings

Fundraising Opportunities: Flapjacks at Applebees, Hope’s Got Talent – Mar 13, Stoller’s Pastries for Easter, student written letters for support. Students are required to help, if your student cannot help/participate, a parent can fill in, if neither student/parent participates they will not receive the funds.

What portion of the cost is the student responsible for? $100 deposit and remaining balance of the funds not raised by fundraisers.

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