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Sign up for one of three Bible studies offered at 9:00AM that are starting March 1 at Hope Church.  You can sign up in the Cafe starting Feb. 9th or online by clicking HERE.  There is a link for ordering books for those classes that require one.  Room assignment will be determined by the signup results.  Questions?  Contact the church office at 330-273-5651.

Introducing the New Testament taught by Dayle Keefer. 9:00    This book focuses on historical questions dealing with authorship, date, sources, purpose, and destination of the New Testament books. By focusing on the essentials, the authors ensure that each book is accurately understood within its historical settings. For each New Testament document, the authors also provide a summary of that book’s content and discuss the book’s theological contribution to the overall canon.

Critical Questions taught by Jeff Laird. 9:00  focuses on more than just packaged answers. This class teaches you how to think about issues. Learn how to deeply understand and connect aspects of life and faith. Does what you believe make sense? Are there reasons for your faith? How do you live them out? Learn to address those issues, along with specific questions about truth, culture, and the Bible. No experience required. Suitable for experts and novices alike. Material is useful for anyone—even non-believers, skeptics, and those struggling with faith.

Following God: Life Principles from the Old Testament taught by Gordon King and Ryan Hershey. 9:00  This is the first in a series of books designed to provide a personal look at the lives of key characters found in the Bible. The theme “Following God” is one that emphasizes the importance of building a relationship with God, living a life totally surrendered to His leading. Examples are given of men who learned to follow God through all kinds of circumstances and of those who failed to follow God’s direction. (Adam, Noah, Job, Abraham, Lot, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Caleb, Joshua, Gideon and Sampson).

Future studies include Kings of the OT, Prophets of the OT, and Men of Faith in the NT.

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